Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is a small town in southeast Baja California Sur, which hosts the largest population of corals in the Gulf of California. In June 1995, Cabo Pulmo was declared a national marine park, with an area of 7,111 hectares, 99% of which is marine area. Cabo Pulmo was an old fishing village that decided to shelve the fishing nets and devote itself to the care and conservation of this exemplary marine reserve. The town managed not only to recover the reef and save dozens of marine species, but also to create one of the most outstanding diving destinations in the world. After 14 years of protection, Cabo Pulmo has followed the opposite path of most reefs in the Gulf of California that degrade day by day. It is the only place where, in a single day of diving, you can find more fish and large predators that can usually only be seen after several weeks of diving in various places, and where spawning aggregations of groupers and snappers are still recovering.