About us


Our mission is to use innovative and inspiring audiovisual media to foster greater harmony between Mexico’s seas and society.


Mexican seas with healthy ecosystems and thriving communities, and a society that is well informed and actively involved in the decision-making processes that promote a more sustainable use of marine resources.

Who are we and
what do we do?

We are a collective of passionate, interdisciplinary conservationists that works closely with scientists and coastal communities to tell stories about Mexico’s seas, their biodiversity and the communities that rely on them. By pursuing excellence in audiovisual media we hope to convey scientific and educational messages that inspire a stronger connection between Mexico’s seas and the general public.

What inspires us?

Mexico is home to a unique and spectacular diversity of marine life that spans across mangrove forests, kelp forests, coral and rocky reefs, and seamounts, among other marine ecosystems. From the Mexican Pacific to the Mexican Caribbean, and in the highly productive Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of California, Mexico’s marine ecosystems provide us with an abundance of services such as food, climate regulation and recreational spaces. This natural heritage is not familiar to many Mexicans, and a result, problems like overfishing, pollution and the destruction of essential habitats have gone unchecked.
There will always be those who argue that economic growth can only happen by diminishing our natural resources, but the Mares Mexicanos vision is inspired by individuals and communities that, backed by the best available science and support from the conservation community, have demonstrated that a more sustainable use of Mexico’s marine resources results in greater social and economic benefits.