Yelapa: Giant Mantas

Mares Mexicanos Bahia Banderas, Series, Sites, Voces del Mar

The story of a community that is developing a sustainable tourism project based on knowledge and the protection of the giant mantas in Bahia de Banderas.

In the small town of Yelapa, stories about giant mantas are frequently told by locals. The arrival of scientists and students to the region has transformed the relationship between the community and these enigmatic creatures, who now seek to know and understand more about the behavior of these mantas.

The Manta Project is a conservation research initiative involving the scientific and local communities. Through activities such as sightings, oceanographic measurements, and manta monitoring the information gathered not only contributes to scientific knowledge to protect these marine animals and their environment, but also to the development of alternative ecotourism activities for the community. Working together, students, scientists, and the community contribute to the conservation of the marine ecosystem and to the livelihood of the population.