San Pedro Mártir: Submarine Laboratory

Mares Mexicanos San Pedro Martir, Series, Voces del Mar

An island in the heart of the Gulf of California where local fishermen dive to obtain data, transforming themselves into passionate voices for conservation.

San Pedro Martir is a small island in the Large Island region in the heart of the Gulf of California. Sixty kilometers away from Bahia de Kino, the island is known by locals as the “guardadito” (meaning well concealed), a place where even during difficult times, fish catch is usually good. It’s exuberant richness and diverse marine ecosystems drove the community to seek the protection of this island and surrounding waters. In 2002, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve.

The community, initially unsatisfied with the fishing zone regulations, participated in the creation of the reserve and the management plan. The implementation of a monitoring group made up of local divers triggered an unexpected change. After receiving intensive training, this group of divers not only began to obtain information about their own fisheries but also awakened an empowerment process. Today, the community in Bahia de Kino, the Biosphere Reserve of Isla San Pedro Martir, and the conservation of their natural resources is a source of pride and hope.