Cabo Pulmo: a success story

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The return of the big fish to Cabo Pulmo stirred the ambition of mega tourism developers. The scientific and local communities struggle to conserve what they recovered.

In the past, severe damage to reefs and the gradual decline of marine fauna threatened the economic sustainability of the inhabitants of Cabo Pulmo. Anguished by the situation, the community decided to stop fishing and asked the authorities to create a Protected Natural Area. Over time, the reefs regenerated, the schools of fish grew, and the community began to live off of ecotourism and diving.

However, in 2008, attracted by the imminent success and marine wealth, a Spanish company proposed to the Mexican authorities a plan to build a mega-tourism project in the region. Concerned about the health of the reef and its future, the scientific and local communities launched a campaign to stop the destructive and ambitious project.